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                Contact Us
                Contact Us
                Line: 13928430811
                Telephone: + 86-755-29888153
                Fax: + 86-755-29888152
                Email address: szzdjmkj@163.com
                Website: /
                Zip code: 518105
                Address: da tian Yang industrial zone, songgang street, baoan district, shenzhen city, guangdong province.
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                • hkc


                  "Throughout the product in the process of cooperation, Zhao Xin company personnelarrange orderly and strict working attitude, grasp each stage schedule reasonably and accurately to meet our requirements for the supply of the product to. In view of the above, I department highly recognized the implementation of the.[Detailed]

                • adel


                  "In the service process, Zhao Xin company service personnel responsible for the work,according to the stipulations of the contract completed the corresponding workload,good finish my department arrange all the work, and timely submit the related workdocuments."[Detailed]

                • meittel


                  As a result of the industry professional, business varieties of complex, meticulouscustomer segmentation need to examine the level of multi factors, the conversion from data to key information, has been the industry is the important and difficult problem.Light daystar company based on the existing research, according t.[Detailed]

                • hasbro


                  This is the third time I bought! But in the mega Daxin Technology purchase is the first!Compared to the previous 2 times, in general: affordable, good things. Delivery and installation soon. Very satisfied! 5 points![Detailed]

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