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                Toggle switch component parts are those
                Release date:2015-01-06 10:07:16

                Toggle switch is mainly a corresponding process consists of the following componentsafter assembly:

                1 shell (material: generally iron; treatment process: through the nickel plating orboiling process, thereby preventing the oxidation)

                2 plastic handle (material: General for POM material, such as a fire retardant high temperature resistant requirements, often using PA nylon material processingtechnology: injection molding)

                The 3 terminal (material: General for copper; processing technology: silver plating)

                The 4 insulating base (material: electric board; processing technology: Stamping)

                The 5 contact chip (material: General for copper; processing technology: silver plating)

                6 circular bead (material: General for stainless steel; processing technology: nickel plating)

                7 the slingshot (material: bronze; processing technology: Stamping)

                8 decorative oil (material: a green chemical, Red oil or oil painting decorative role in the contact area, terminal and base plate. General requirements, non-toxic,environmental protection)


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