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                How to choose a light touch switch
                Release date:2015-01-06 10:10:42

                Factors affect the touch switch, tact switch key is protective, weldability, conduction reliability, life, feel, production process and installation size and other factorsdetermine first pinout as the substrate, the substrate of the light touch switch pinmade of brass or copper (low grade iron), in order to reduce the contact resistancebasically, pin silver plating processing, as the silver case of SO2 gas in the air will be oxidized, directly affect the switch solderability and contact resistance, so the light touch switch of high quality first to control in place of silver plated substrate thickness and silver plating process of silver pins, the market order of quality are as follows:

                Silver plating thickness: 0.3um above (silver), 0.2um (Bo Yin), 0.1um (rhodium)

                Silver plating: nickel pre plating and silver substrate, the substrate copper pre platingsilver plated, silver plated substrate directly again

                Silver plated substrate whether treatment or switch to whether have the dustproof and waterproof function is critical, or even the best silver processing, switch will be oxidized.

                The second conduction reliability key factors is the contact point of the structure,because the light touch switch function is the contact point and the elastic sheetcontact conduction, so the contact point of the contact surface of the bigger the better, contact surface is decided by its structure, there are about three kind of structure on the market, the pros and cons of the order is as follows:

                Bulla (volcano mouth) "O type contact", slotted type "2 point contact", flat bubble type"1 point contact"

                Third, life and feel is decided to cooperate with the stroke of the light touch switch and shrapnel, shorter sound more light life is longer, the more long trip and vice versa,shrapnel process in fixed, mainly to see the stroke or voice in determining the touch switch life;

                In addition, a key factor to determine the shrapnel life or stamping technology, JapanTaiwan stamping technology is very popular in China, so the technique for improving the situation, then down to whether the request of materials imported materials, such as 160gf shrapnel life in the market is mainly have four kinds of

                The 50000 time around (domestic copper or backward stamping technology), about 100000 times, 200000 times or more (stainless steel)

                Fourth is the production process, is the assembly process after having parts ultimately affect the quality of assembly process, the decision depends on the production of the company's management ability, staff quality consciousness and quality assuranceability and other factors, the final product quality assurance ability out different is certainly different, market method of assembly are manual and machine, machine assembly and low cost but low quality product artificial assembly, high cost but alsohigh quality.

                The fifth is the factory inspection, factory inspection method and project also influence the final quality of the light touch switch, for example, is the appearance, feel,conduction, resistance etc. the project is sampling or full inspection, such as some ofthe Dachang request rejection rate is PPM to measure or zero defects, to test setafter all also set the sampling or quality inspection processes in the factory inspection.

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