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                Contact Us
                Contact Us
                Line: 13928430811
                Telephone: + 86-755-29888153
                Fax: + 86-755-29888152
                Email address: szzdjmkj@163.com
                Website: /
                Zip code: 518105
                Address: da tian Yang industrial zone, songgang street, baoan district, shenzhen city, guangdong province.
                Frequently Asked Questions
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                • The new Headset socket successfully listed, welcome to inquireShenzhen Zhaoda Precision Technology Co., Ltd.Contact person: Mr. ChenMobile: 13928430811Tel: 0755-29888153 QQ:1183861971http://www.szzdj.[Detailed]

                • The durability of the toggle switch1 solderability testTerminal top is immersed soldering pool 1 mm deep, warm and 3000 + 5 C, time is 3 + 0.5 seconds.Note:(1) the welding time should be less than 1 s.[Detailed]

                • Dial switch technology parameters2013-06-19Right angle bend angle dial switch, DIP switch, dip switch, dial type setting switch, a program switch, Right Angle DIP SwitchNumber: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,.[Detailed]

                • Factors affect the touch switch, tact switch key is protective, weldability, conduction reliability, life, feel, production process and installation size and other factorsdetermine first pinout as the.[Detailed]

                • Tact switch main specifications: environmental protection type high temperatureresistant plug-in type side patch plug large / medium / small turtle type touch switch 2*4 switch 3*3 switch 3.7*3.7*0.35.[Detailed]

                • The basic performance of the connector can be divided into three categories:mechanical properties, electrical properties and environmental performance. Another important mechanical properties are the .[Detailed]

                • Rely on good policy environment, factor of production cost is low and the resources supply sufficient advantages, "eleven five" period, overseas semiconductor discretemanufacturing link devi.[Detailed]

                • Tact switch service life depends on the material used is what material, light touch switch using a home-made shrapnel life: 5-7 million import shrapnel single-sided complex silver life: more than 1000.[Detailed]

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